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Clinical Administration Characteristics of Subcutaneous and Intravenous Administration of Daratumumab in Patients With Multiple Myeloma at Mayo Clinic Infusion Centers

February 15 2023

PURPOSE: Median duration of daratumumab (DARA) administration for treatment of multiple myeloma is 3-7 hours for the intravenous formulation (DARA IV) and 3-5 minutes for the subcutaneous formulation (DARA SC). Here, we describe clinical administration characteristics of DARA using a novel method for data extraction from electronic health records. METHODS: Time-based measurements were extracted using a scheduling/pharmacy software program that tracked patient movement through appointments for patients initiating DARA in Mayo Clinic infusion centers from April 5, 2017, to October 14, 2021. Cohorts included patients who received DARA IV or DARA SC, or converted from DARA IV to DARA SC. The DARA SC cohort was further analyzed before (DARA SC initial) and after (DARA SC shortened) a reduction in the postadministration observation time mandated by the treatment plan. Events associated with administration-related reactions (ARRs) were also identified. RESULTS: Median total clinic times were 2.7-3.0 hours shorter for DARA SC versus DARA IV. Median clinic times were highest at dose 1 and decreased with subsequent doses. Median total chair times were 2.7-2.8 hours shorter for DARA SC versus DARA IV. Incidences of ARR-related events with DARA SC were low across doses. CONCLUSION: Reduced clinic times were observed with DARA SC, indicating that use of DARA SC as a treatment option results in time savings that may free clinic resources. Furthermore, novel methods of electronic health record data extraction can provide insights that may help inform clinic resource optimization.


Scott A. Soefje, PharmD, MBA, BCOP, FCCP, FHOPA; Corinne Carpenter, PhD; Katherine Carlson, PhD; Samir Awasthi, MD, PhD; Thomas S. Lin, MD, PhD; Shuchita Kaila, PhD; Daniel Tarjan, PhD; Nikhil Kayal, MS; Christian Kirkup, MS; Tyler E. Wagner, PhD; Kathleen S. Gray, PhD; Shaji Kumar, MD

nference, Cambridge, MA Department of Pharmacy, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Rochester, MN Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, Horsham, PA

Mayo Clinic



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Akhilesh Pandey (pandey.akhilesh@mayo.edu)

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