For Health Systems

We offer a vertically integrated, end-to-end solutions and software to make the most of your data


Maximizing your data to improve patient outcomes

We partner with you to securely process and transform your raw unstructured and semi-structured EMR data into structured data that can be used to develop solutions to healthcare’s biggest challenges


Protecting patient privacy with best in class algorithms

Our approach to privacy is industry-leading, powered by our deidentification and “Data Under Glass” methodology. Our algorithms are certified best in class for deidentification of unstructured free-text. Unlike alternate solutions where copies of deidentified patient level data can leave your environment, our solution to deidentification ensures that patient level data never leaves your center.

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Data Creation

Digitizing pathology and generating sequencing


Historically, pathology slides are collected and stored in physical form. Though our partners have 10M+ physical pathology slides collected over decades, digitization is the first step required to enable downstream analysis and applications, including training AI models to detect pathologic features. We use high-throughput scanning systems that are state-of-the-art in both hardware and software, allowing us to digitize archival slides.

Selecting drug target-disease pairs to try in the clinic can be highly subjective and subject-matter driven.


Sequencing has already been clinically impactful for disease areas such as oncology. We provide clinical-grade sequencing for patients at our partner medical centers. Unlike others that focus on sequencing panels of genes already known to be clinically relevant, we prioritize data generation through whole exome and transcriptome sequencing to support platform development and discovery of novel molecular phenotypes associated with diseases across therapeutic areas.

Selecting drug target-disease pairs to try in the clinic can be highly subjective and subject-matter driven.

Augmented Curation

Making healthcare data consumable

By transforming unstructured clinical notes data into structured form through the extraction of key sentiments and relationships from text, our “augmented curation” uses neural networks to effectively automaticlaly transform unstructured text from the EMR into labeled patient datasets.

Data Harmonization

Making healthcare data consumable

Due to the long and varied history of EMRs, even the structured data is complex. For example, the same lab test may be represented with multiple distinct codes and use different units of measurement. We use software-aided processes to transform this semi-structured patient data consisting of distinct data points into common unified data variables, which can then be consumed for downstream applications and analyses.

Triangulating your data

Improving your data connectivity

Triangulation with public and proprietary data

Integrating additional data sources with labeled, curated and harmonized EMR data can strengthen the insights derived from downstream data analysis. This data includes biomedical literature (ex. PubMed), clinical trials (ex. and molecular data (ex. Gene Expression Omnibus).

State of the art algorithms

The labeled, curated and harmonized EMR data serves as a starting point that enables training state-of-the-art AI algorithms. We develop these algorithms as solutions to some of the major challenges in healthcare, including early detection and diagnosis of disease, identification of biomarkers for disease progression and more.

We integrate your processed EMR data with additional public and proprietary data sources to provide additional insights through the connections made across additional data sources and types.

Compute Solutions

The most secure storage available for healthcare

We provide differentiated compute and storage solutions that address the unique needs of healthcare data, with improved security and performance advantages over traditional providers.


Software product access

Medical centers we partner with have access to nference developed software built on EMR data

Nfer Clinical NSights Software | Our EMR Data Product

Powered by the largest set of deep, longitudinal de-identified clinical data in the world, this suite of sophisticated applications and tools unlocks the ability to realize insights from both structured and unstructured records of more than 11M+ patients from our health system partners, including the Mayo Clinic and Duke Health.

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