nference nSights

nference nSights

nSights is a real world evidence generation platform built on data from leading academic medical centers. nSights accelerates therapeutics and diagnostics development for Life Science companies.

Rapid real world evidence generation

nSights empowers Life Sciences customers to leverage real world data across the product lifecycle to accelerate development, allowing users to:

Patient journey
Understand the patient journey

for indications of interest at the de-identified patient level

Real world outcomes
Assess and compare real-world outcomes

across patient cohorts from all therapeutic areas, including rare diseases

Clinical trial protocols
Optimize clinical trial protocols

by quickly understanding the impact of different inclusion and exclusion criteria

Data dictionary
Leverage a flexible data dictionary

define custom variables unavailable in traditional real world healthcare datasets in order to generate real world evidence (RWE)

Longitudinal, real-world, “deep data” rich in clinical phenotypes and outcomes spanning across therapeutic areas



Patient Lives


Years of Data


Clinical Notes




  • Clinical Notes
  • Echo Reports
  • Radiology Reports
  • Pathology Reports


  • Lab Tests
  • Appointments
  • Medications
  • Encounters
  • Diagnoses
  • Outpatient
  • Flowsheets
  • Vitals
  • Procedures
  • many more

Additional Data Modalities

Available NOW!

  • ECGs
  • Genomic Panels
  • Images (CT, MRIs, PETs)
  • Pathology Whole Slide Images

Ways to Access

nSights is built to for users of all backgrounds, with robust no-code solutions to comprehensive data science workbenches to explore data that spans all therapeutic areas


Perform powerful code-free analyses on patient populations of interest to gain aggregate insights based on all patient records.


Develop and run custom analytics on de-identified, individual patient-level data, licensed at the cohort level.

Data add-ons
Data Add-Ons

Enrich individual patient-level clinical data with ECGs, radiology images (MRIs, CTs, PETs) and digital pathology, available today! Genomic data from panels are available today with whole exome sequencing coming soon.

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Applications included in nference nSights

nSights is a platform built on deep, longitudinal clinical data from 11M+ patients’ electronic medical records, accessible in a privacy-preserving, federated manner through a suite of powerful applications

Cohort visualizer
Cohort Visualizer

Build patient cohorts based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. View and analyze information about the cohort compared to the full population or by comparison to another cohort by viewing demographic information, medication volume, procedures and more.


Workspaces is an advanced data science workbench with access to infrastructure and tools to provision computing resources, analyze record-level patient information, and gain insights to customized questions.

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Schema visualizer
Schema Visualizer

Explore the underlying data dictionary and schema. Understand what data columns are available and what their fill rates are.

Patient explorer
Patient Explorer

Read individual patient notes and visualize a timeline of their events.


Quickly explore structured data for patients with a given disease or drug. View patient counts and distributions for the number of encounters, time since last visit, and data availability on lab tests, procedures, orders, and much more, across the searched population.

Patient signals
Patient Signals

See how often any search term (e.g. a disease, drug, or any other word) is mentioned across all patient notes, and identify related concepts. Identify patients fitting criteria that has not been captured in structured data.

Cohort library
Cohort Library

View cohorts you have created and edit tags or descriptions for that cohort.

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